Here are some of the most commonly asked questions!


What should I do in the event of a leak or a flood?
If you experience a minor leak, it is always good to turn off the direct shutoff on the water line to the leak. You likely need replacement parts or pieces to fix the leak. If you experience flooding, you should shut off the main water line leading to your home. Tundra Plumbing is always happy to review your problem and provide you with a recommended course of action.
If I need to shut the water off to my house, where can I locate the shut off valve?
The most common place to locate your main water shut-off valve is usually in the basement/bottom floor; typically, on a wall access closest to your street under stairs in a storage area or near your water heater or crawl space. In the event of major flooding the city can be called to shut off the main to your property. 
How do I tell if my pipes are frozen?
When water stops flowing from a random fixture in your home while the temperatures are extremely cold outside, a frozen pipe is likely the culprit. If water stops flowing down every drain in your house shortly after a cold spell, there is a high probability that your main drain is frozen. (it is a rare occurrence for all pipes in a house to freeze at the same time unless the main supply line is frozen).
If you turn on a working tap and there is no water flowing, make sure to test other fixtures to try to figure out where the frozen blockage could be located. When you can narrow down the location of the frozen line, this can give you an idea of how to fix it and in turn prevent any freezing from occurring in the future.
What causes frozen pipes to burst?
When water is trapped inside a pipe and the water freezes, it expands. This causes an increase in pressure within the pipe and when that pressure gets too high, it can cause the pipe to burst!
Why is my toilet constantly running?
When you hear your toilet constantly running, don’t ignore it! A running toilet can run your water bill up by wasting hundreds of Liters of water a day. Check these 3 items: The Flapper – if the flapper is old, cracked or distorted it may be leaking through the seal and need to be replaced. The Chain – is the chain long enough / or too long preventing the flapper from properly sealing; it may need to be reset onto a different link on the chain. Check the Float and fill valve – the float might not be high enough to stop the water OR possibly the fill valve might have a failed and need to be replaced.

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